SME design and manufacture a world leading range of Subsea Electric Motors, including motors for HPU’s on ROV‘s, Electric Thrusters for Manned Submarines, and Heavy Duty Jetting Pumps on Subsea Trenchers. SME motors are robust and reliable in the toughest of environments. Our flexible design capabilities mean we can manufacture Subsea Motors to suit any application. Our range of motors allow Flexible External Dimensions to suit all requirements and provide the possibility of “Drop In‘’ replacement motors. SME have produced over l00 different types of Subsea motors and thousands of motors.

We offer a variety of Construction Materials from Anodised Aluminium to Exotic Stainless Steel Alloys to ensure long term reliability in varied environments whilst still offering the advantages of light weight design. To ensure the integrity of the motors SME does not use castings and all components are manufactured from solid metal or extrusions.

Motors can be offered with a variety of Interfaces for Driven Equipment — from Robust Shafts with Multiple Shaft Seals to Close Coupled Motors with Female Spline Hubs to allow direct fitment of Hydraulic Pumps.

SME can design and manufacture from the “Lamination Up” to ensure the Motor is ideally suited for the application. This bespoke Manufacturing policy ensures we can meet any special design requirements. SME can build motors from Fractional Kilowatt Motors right through to large outputs in the Megawatts and above to ensure we meet all requirements.

SME Subsea Motors can be manufactured in all voltages from 24V through to 6600V

at 50Hz or 60Hz, or for use with Variable Speed Drives. Due to SME’s proprietary Insulation System motors up to 4l60V can be built with a Random Winding to reduce size and weight whilst losing nothing in terms of reliability. This insulation system is specifically engineered to ensure suitability of operation in Hydraulic Oil or many of the Bio-Degradable Oils commonly used for Compensation circuits.

All motors are designed for external compensation allowing for operation at depths as much as 4000M. The Motors can also be offered with Cooling circuits to ensure high output motors maintain minimal operating temperatures at Full Load. SME Motors are fitted with Water Detection Probes and Temperature Detectors and these can be terminated to a variety of different Subsea Connectors. Power can be supplied to the motors through Subsea Connectors or Highly reliable Oily Tube Connections.

SME’s extensive testing facilities ensure we can test these Subsea Motors at rated Voltage and Frequency. This testing can also involve Hydraulic Load testing on a HPU or Flow and Pressure Testing of Jetting Pumps in our Test tank. Full string testing involving the Drives, Control Gear, Motor and Driven equipment can also be organised.

Submersible Motor Engineering’s extensive Service Capability also ensures we are the best location for Service and Refurbishment of Subsea Motors of any manufacturer. Quite often SME can return motors to their clients in a better than new condition due to our ability to implement the latest Engineering Practices into the repair process.