Service And Repair Of Submersible Electric Motors

SME has extensive service, repair, maintenance and testing capabilities, at our purpose built facilities in Australia, United Kingdom and the USA. SME can provide a solution for submersible electric motors – from design and specification through to servicing, repair and/or replacement. Our experience and commitment to quality allows our clients complete confidence that their requirements are in the best possible hands.

SME specialises in minimizing downtime for critical application submersible electric motors by providing an efficient and cost effective mechanical repair and rewinding service at our ISO 9001 accredited facilities. Our experienced technicians are proficient at working with all brands of submersible electric motors and can quickly return motors back to service. We also maintain detailed records of motor failures across all brands which assist with plant management. SME is well qualified to offer advice to prevent future faults.

Motor Modification

SME can modify and upgrade all brands of submersible electric motors during the repair and servicing process to meet the requirements of any application. These modifications

can include changing materials, adding temperature sensors, re-design to suit different voltages and frequencies, applying protective coatings, offering extended cable lengths and splicing cables, replacing damaged, corroded, or worn parts and other application specific alterations. SME has the “in house” machining and fabrication capabilities to manufacture obsolete parts ensuring maximum life for motors are achieved.

In-Field Support

SME can provide a number of site support services to ensure the reliability and performance of our clients‘ submersible motors. Our experienced field service engineers can provide installation, commissioning, fault finding supervision, and training.


SME‘s West Australian facility, located in Perth, provides for an extensive testing regime for repaired and overhauled motors. SME can full load test motors on our dynamometers and can also offer performance testing of complete pump/motor units in our purpose built test tank – at the specified voltage and frequency up to 6600 volts.

SME can guarantee motors that have been serviced and repaired are fit for purpose before dispatch, providing customers with complete confidence in the work prior to re-installation. All motors that are rewound by SME are subject to an immersion pressure test which is conducted in our pressure test vessel to ensure the integrity of the windings prior to assembly and load testing. Our commitment to a strict testing regime protects our clients from the risks of downtime caused by unexpected failure.