Submersible Motor Engineering (SME) is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Pleuger Industries to combine forces for the “After Sales Service” for submersible motors.  The agreement provides SME access to Pleugers’ spare parts to assist in the overhaul and service of Pleuger products through the SME Service Network globally.  Additionally Pleuger will also be able to provide after sales service for SME products utilising Pleugers service infrastructure.  Within the Scope of the agreement there is also the ability for Pleuger and SME to work collaboratively on various projects and developments to enhance the product offerings for both companies.  The combined strengths of Pleuger Industries and SME will ensure that they are able to supply a World Class Service network to their existing and future client base.

Pleuger Industries Announced on the 2nd of April 2020.

Pleuger Industries and SME have agreed to combine their strength in a join agreement.

Pleuger Industries and SME have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen their relationship and exchange of information and expertise and to discuss new ways for industry partnerships. The new Memorandum of Understanding is an excellent basis for both companies to raise awareness of existing projects and collaborations, form further partnerships and drive new activities.

On the one hand, SME will be granted the right to purchase and resell original Pleuger spare parts for submersible electric motors. Furthermore, SME will receive the official “service” representative status of Pleuger for Australia & New Zealand and other regions if required.

On the other hand, Pleuger is to be granted the right to carry out service for SME in Europe, and in other regions if required.

Submersible Motor Engineering Pty Ltd is an Australian company that designs and manufactures submersible and underwater electric motors for complex bespoke applications. SME offers repair, rewind, modification and technical support services in Perth (Australia), Gloucestershire (UK) and Phoenix (USA) for its own SME product range, but also for the products of all other subsea or submersible motor manufacturers.

Michel Rybken, CEO of Pleuger Industries, said “I see excellent synergies that Pleuger Industries and SME can use for a successful cooperation in the future by adding more value to supply and service our global customer base.

Jayson Bennett, Manager of SME, said “This MoU provides a solid foundation for both Pleuger and SME to improve and extend their Sales and Service offerings by utilising both companies existing networks and expertise to achieve a world class Service Network with a Global reach”.